Comments in response (part 1 – already sent)

I’m breaking my comments into two submissions as the first discusses how I misinterpreted your writing. The second discusses my (overgeneralized) view of social conditions through which my misinterpretation occurred. I am sending this separately as I didn’t know if there would be any benefit to providing the second, but didn’t want to single out the specific social media that I did without attempting justification, and was further concerned that it tended toward rant.


My apologies. I misread it. Before your comments, I read it as if it was written by someone who uses specific social media, like facebook or twitter, to gain an audience and is laughing about being worshipped by those that follow them and seeing the destruction the mindlessness causes to the followers (noting the line: “They’ll see the rope I left”), and the persecution of a third party who attempts to warn these followers to think for themselves. Later in the poem I read it as if the person that’s worshipped is describing the persecution and death of the third party by actually switching the first person reference to this third party (if that explaination makes any sense) who was the only one imploring the followers to think for themselves (noting my switching of first person to third party and line “They’ll punish their only ally” and “The axe will drop upon my head”). Late in in the poem, as I had this third party now place in the first person, I read it as the person who is worshipped saying that rather than grieve the person who tried to help them, they now have free reign to subjegate their followers (again noting my reversal of first person and the lines “Although instead of by my grave” and “They will kneel beside their golden calf–”). Note: based on my misinterpretation, what I wrote was more of a response to this person who is worshipped and will subjegate those who are weaker, with emphasis on economic discrepancies. Note: I think I have been misinterpreting a great deal of what I read lately, my appologies.


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