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Further elaboration of view on social conditions through which I misinterpreted the character/writing:

Once a large enough audience is achieved a person can become a “celebrity” that basically becomes worshipped, abhorred, or such by a large number of followers (becoming the golden calf). As the extremes of being worshipped or abhorred suggest (with the focus on the first), people in turn go to the extreme of giving up their own thought processes in return for simply accepting (or rejecting) the thoughts, without critique, that the person they follow/friend posts.

Note: the number of facebook pages and twitter postings I have viewed is probably fairly limited. I focus on twitter simply because I view the character requirements (even if social habits differed) as too limiting for anyone to regularly provide a substantive enough concept for it to be broken down sufficiently and produce intelligent discourse. Also, I viewed the lines “The starving person is overshadowed” through “Is beyond all comprehension” in the context of a person simply asking to be “tweeted back” without any other feedback request, rather than sending those strings of text in discussion of what could probably be called real social issues (though I now wonder if they weren’t meant to address the occurrence of “reality television” and it’s “actors”, especially in light of the prior line “Make reality an illusion”).

With facebook I base it simply on my view that I see the social habits displayed there as generally producing uninformative postings by “fans” on a celebrity’s site which say only that they “love”/”hate” that celebrity (product vs person misidentification). If posting only this is meant to serve to make them known for identifying people with common interests to link to, then a list of names might be sufficient and save typing. So I placed lines “By closing their minds” through “And suffocating what was inside” in the context that they have closed their minds to rational evaluation of the product or person and in turn distorted their emotions rendering them useless (although I assume the latter lines were intended to be read addressing some concept of the soul, artistic or otherwise).


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