I was wrong writing. Just tell me the firsts in her music were less than the firsts (and the rests) in her life. And that this woman (I hope not still the child a prior titles might suggest) is no longer the girl who put together the title “If you’re poor, find something to sue somebody for …”. Rather than the title “If you breathe, find something to sue somebody for …”.

Tell me she is something better, tell me she presses herself (as I think she does) but recognizes the advantages she was given compared to so many (and still fewer than some). Tell me she doesn’t wine about others not leaving the cafe that provides subsistence, to take that chance, when she has houses to choose from (and if it is only a house, then houses in size perhaps). Tell me when she says that she “was put here to fight Vikings” that it’s not simply “the poor” she’s set to wage war on; if the cruel or mindless reside in the poor let her fight, but I hope she does the same when they reside in money. Tell me she doesn’t mention “Tale of Two Cities” as stands out in most favoring to the wealthy over the poor of all his (that I’ve come across). Tell me she understands the books she mentions, not as advocating selfishness or lack of responsibily for ones’ self through excuse “done for their …”, but rather advocating the self (the acheivement to/of the self). Tell me she isn’t a ruined in pastels.

Tell me this and I won’t fear, fear the child, the ruins in pastels, that I lost a fight worth fighting, that I didn’t want to loose. That it’s no joke when joke: “I’ll only marry to money.” Tell me when I turned mean, that I turned incorrectly. Tell me there’s no darkness, in the robot with t.v. reference (it looks neat, only noting robot and t.v. reference), when light of earlier work considered did reflect a spectrum. Tell me no shoes is not simply pandering to one, nor the food she eats to another, and the desserts posted to the rest. Tell me she’s … something real, whatever that may be; And then tell me she is something impressive too. Tell me she doesn’t hate them for having less than her. Tell me when rightfully disdains when dismissed simply for having more, that she doesn’t simply dismiss the rest simply for having less.

And regardless of what you tell me, I tell you it’s the last I write (written with resolve, which comes easily here, as there’s nothing else to write). And I’ll say I’m arrogant (and not in a good way, as I didn’t press myself sufficiently to make arrogant simply confident), but I did try to fight for something when I fought against Vikings (Twitter and Facebook), and I tried to fight for something when I fought to hold castles at bay (even if it was I that mistakenly fell at the end), even if I mistakenly heard …. “off with their heads”, when it was “If you’re poor, find something to sue somebody for …” I did hear the queen say.


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